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Who Are We?

PlayStation landed in Europe in 1995... and completely changed the landscape of gaming

Every new generation in the PlayStation ecosystem has relentlessly driven forward, breaking through new boundaries and raising the bar ever higher each time.

Our family of consoles and services includes:

In 1994, we launched PlayStation and changed the gaming landscape forever.

Over 20 years later, we continue to break new ground in gaming, with next generation technology such as PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation VR reshaping the future of entertainment. Our family of products and services includes:

PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 4 Pro
PlayStation VR
PlayStation Store
PlayStation Plus
PlayStation Video
PlayStation Music
PlayStation Now
PlayStation Original

And that's not including the games themselves. We create and publish lots of really, really great ones, including:

Horizon Zero Dawn
Gran Turismo Sport (launches late 2017)
Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
The Last of Us
PlayStation VR Worlds
That's You!

For more on our latest and greatest games, check out

How do we do it?
Everything great in the wonderful world of PlayStation starts with our people.

Creative, collaborative and dedicated to excellence, they embody our brand even as they're planning its next, exciting steps. They're a diverse bunch of dreamers, thinkers and doers - but first and foremost they're players. Are you? If so, why not join the team?

Factual stuff
The company behind the PlayStation brand is Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sony Corporation, headquartered in sunny San Mateo, California. The European division of the company is called Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe (SIEE).

PlayStation and the PlayStation logo are registered trademarks of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.
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