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I still get a kick out of being able to tell people "I work for PlayStation". That might sound smug, but I think it's how it should be.

PlayStation has been a part of my life since 1995 and for me and those around me, being a part of the company that repeatedly redefined gaming, and games marketing, over the past 20+ years, is the reason to get up on a Monday with a smile on my face.

A fundamental part of what the UK Product Marketing team do is look after the marketing and promotion of PS4 hardware and services in the UK. PS4 remains Britain's, and the World's, best-selling console. We've recently launched a new, slimmer version of the console that puts it within the reach of a broader audience than ever before. Simultaneously, we've released two additions to the line-up - PlayStation VR and PS4 Pro - that appeal to the same dedicated Players who grabbed their PS4 on day one and haven't looked back. The PS4 family can now fulfil every gaming need but a single marketing campaign can't.

That's why we're hiring a UK Hardware Product Manager.

Are you passionate about games, proactive and dedicated to producing campaigns which inspire that passion in others? Are you able to bring together your own perspective and insights into our audience with the wealth of data available to us to make the right decisions? If so, we have the chance to open the door for you to join our tight knit and passionate team, during one of the most exciting periods in PlayStation's history. You can apply below, we'd love to hear from you.

Tom Whitaker, Group Marketing Manager, Hardware & Services, PlayStation UK

The UK Hardware Product Manager plays a vital role within the department with responsibility for promoting PS4 and PS VR hardware and accessories.

You'll be good at bringing people together and taking them with you. Successful campaigns need all of our departments - sales, trade marketing, PR, social, events and operations, as well as agencies - to be working together with a clear focus and goal in mind. When it comes to audience, product knowledge, assets and inspiration, those teams will look to you. That means great communication and organisational skills, too.

You'll be creative and knowledgeable. You will need to articulate the best about PlayStation products and be able to represent our brand values in campaigns, using locally- or centrally-developed assets to do so. We are celebratory, emotive, immersive and innovative. We're a fearless leader. You'll need to be those things, and be able to explain what those values mean to you.

You will love games. This is not a job, it's a passion. Gaming is, by some margin, the most interesting, challenging, diverse, successful, ever-changing industry in the field of entertainment. You'll clearly remember a day you unwrapped a box that changed your life. You'll beam with unmistakeable enthusiasm that can't be faked about an adventure you've loved, friendships that thrive on a Party Invite and a forgotten 6/10 game from five years ago that you will defend to the end. (Bonus interview points will be granted if you invert your aim.) At the same time, you'll be mature. Passion often inspires unshakeable beliefs and leads to rash decisions. This job puts you in control of something millions around the world care deeply about. With great power comes great responsibility.

You'll also care about technology and hardware. You'll be looking after marketing the platform that make amazing games like God of War, Wipeout, Detroit, Dreams, GT Sport, Horizon Zero Dawn, Farpoint, Resident Evil VII and Destiny possible, so this role is about more than just the content.

You'll be motivated. That can mean very different things in different jobs. For us, it's not about keeping doing the same thing day-in, day-out. It's about keeping on top of multiple products and priorities, working out which tasks need what level of attention, where you can make a difference and where you just need to get stuff done.

And, of course, you need to be capable. Your CV will include solid product management skills. Planning, forecasting, briefing, reporting, analysing, leading. You will take all of these things in your stride. As such, you'll have two or more years’ experience as a Product Manager or Junior Product Manager. Experience within the gaming, technology or entertainment sector would be beneficial but isn’t essential. It’s more important that you know your way around a marketing plan: owned, earned, paid and trade.

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