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How many people work for Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe (SIEE)?  
About 2000. This number includes people at our Central European HQ in Soho, London; our Research and Development Group and The Worldwide Studios. We also have offices in France, Germany, Poland, Italy, Spain and Holland.

Our Central European HQ houses teams and departments including PlayStation Store, Business Intelligence Services, IT, Marketing, Human Resources, Operations, Finance, Product Services and Business Planning. Research and Development includes our Test and Release, Applied Technologies and PhyreEngine development teams. We also have a base in Liverpool which houses Quality Assurance (or QA).

Fun fact: we have the largest development presence of any games company in the UK.

Where are your offices located?
You can find the answer to this question on our Locations page.
What are the working hours?
Our regular working hours are 9am to 5.30pm; we also benefit from a few half-days in the summer at the company's discretion.

What is the dress code?
Business casual. We don't frown on jeans and trainers.

What training and development opportunities do you offer?
Take a look at our Benefits page for details.

Do you work with other parts of Sony?
Although set up as separate businesses, we always look for opportunities to work closely with other parts of Sony. Other major Sony offices in the UK include Sony Music, Sony Mobile, Sony Pictures and Sony Electronics.

What are the benefits of working at SIEE?
You'll find a rundown of our main benefits here.

Do you get free games?

Yes! After your three-month probation period, you will receive new Sony-developed games as and when they're published. And remember, you can also buy games at a reduced price through our staff sales program.
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