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Name: Nigel

Job Title: BIS (Business Intelligence Services) Product Manager

What made you want to work at PlayStation ® ?

Primarily, I wanted to work for a company that relied on data to be successful. The breadth of data provisioned by BIS was really interesting for me and I knew that in a business the size of PlayStation ®, there would be plenty of opportunity to add value using the data.

Secondly, from a young age (on the Atari 400) I've been a gamer. So when the opportunity arose, I couldn't turn it down! I get to talk about gaming, work with data related to games and get good exposure to the various aspects of the gaming industry.

What is the best part of your working day?

Listening and understanding. As a business analyst and now Product Manager, the days I enjoy the most are the ones when I talk to new people, discover how their area of business works and how they can best use the data available to them. Knowing that BIS' products and services are adding value is motivating, and knowing where to develop new capabilities is a crucial part of product management.

Can you choose one career highlight?

The first time I visited San Francisco and spent time working with the PS4 ™ software development teams - speaking to engineers, finding out how they approach data-related problems and getting the inside scoop on features being developed for upcoming releases.

Give us three top tips for pursuing a career in BIS Product Management:

Be open to new ways of doing things. Methods and tools come and go but data is here to stay.

Focus the product or service around the value that it can add to the organisation.

Be prepared to talk to everyone and anyone - there's always opportunity to use data in different ways at different levels.

What advice can you share for anyone applying for a position at PlayStation ® ?

Know the product. While it might not be required as part of the application, it shows willing and interest in the company itself.

Finally, describe your PlayStation® Life in five words

 Interesting and full of opportunity.

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